Exterior House Painters

The Melbourne weather is the enemy of smart exterior painting – but contact LPD Painting to arrange a visit from one of our team of Melbourne exterior painters and decorators, and we’ll have your property looking better than new, in no time.
We are a small professional painting and decorating company based in Melbourne. We have a long list of clients who have returned to us time and again for assistance on a variety of projects over the period.

Why You Need to Paint Your Home's Exterior

Wind and humid weather can ruin your Melbourne home's exterior paint. We at LPD Painting provide long-lasting, attractive finishes. You can rely on your exterior paint for many years ahead with our top quality painting services.

In Exterior painting quality materials and spotless execution are important. As the one of the leading exterior painting services provider in Melbourne, we shine at both.

Whether we're painting your Melbourne exterior roof, front doors, fences or anything else, you can rest assured that we apply the best possible paints and materials. You may have to spend more upfront, but the quick decline of low quality materials can waste your investment. You will have to spend more in the long term by having to re-paint the exterior of your house.

Our team at LPD Painting has knowledge and ability to paint any type of exterior. We have built a great portfolio and we've painted nearly everything you can imagine, from concrete and driveway painting to weatherboard house painting. we'll apply the best techniques to ensure a durable and beautiful shine for your property.